Fender Stripes

Fender Stripes are also known as driver identification stripes or Federation Internationale de L'Automobile (FIA) stripes. In the 1960's the GT350s and other multicar teams would put different colored stripes on their cars so that at a quick glance the pit crews could distinguish which car was pitting (they couldn't always see the numbers). So, if you track your car (not drag racing) it does have meaning and legacy. Today many people are putting these on their cars to give it a sportier look.  
Product Description

These stripes are sold in pairs for one side of a car and are universal in that they can be used on either side of the car (no need to worry about left or right side).  They also have arrows on them to help align them on the fender for the correct angle making install a breeze! They are also precut the only part that needs trimming is what folds under the fender. These are a fun item since they are cheap, easy to install and come in lots of colors! Many people buy several sets and put a different color on for each show or event they attend!
Pricing and Color Options

$35 for both sides of car and includes shipping and handling.
To order paypal $35 to stuckonyougraphics@comcast.net.  Include color stripes requested and your return address.  We will mail out next business day and send you email confirmation of shipment!
NOTE: Shipped 3 day priority through USPS ground in 48 states. Other shipping extra.

Color Options

Vista Blue (Metallic)

Gloss White 

Gloss Black  

Light Blue (Metallic)

Torch Red 

Flat Black 

Tungsten (Metallic)



Silver SGT (Metallic)



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